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-Sprinkler system repair.

-Backflow testing.

-Weed treatments and fertilizations with no required contract.

-Light tractor work: lot shredding, seed drilling and front end loader work including moving rock, dirt and other materials. Garden plot tilling for large gardens. 



Call or text 806-777-1879

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About Emerson Lawn

Emerson Lawn was begun in 2007 by owner-operator Eben Emerson. Eben and his wife Jennifer have three children, Ben, Catherine and Elizabeth. Eben and Jennifer have graduate educations from LCU and Tech. The Emersons are thankful for the blessings God has provided and the wonderful people they have met while operating Emerson Lawn. (The children to the right are my children, I am a very proud father and pray daily for the wisdom and humility to raise them to follow Christ.)
Eben is a licensed chemical applicator, licensed backflow tester, and a master irrigator. TDA 0516164 TCEQ LI0020167 and BPAT 0018578
Emerson Lawn is owner operated. I will do all of the sprinkler work and take care of your lawn weeds and treatments. I have been is business for 15 years but changed to a smaller scale where I am able to take more personalized care of your needs. The businesses I operate under are Emerson Lawn and Lubbock Backflow. 


Mailing address
3231 FM 179
Abernathy, TX 79311

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